Health and Life Group is always interested in talking to agents and agencies who can offer expertise and integrity to clients while representing a wide range of insurance products.

As an Agent or General Agent who associates with Health and Life Group, you’ll receive all of the following benefits and services:

Top Commissions (Advanced and As-Earned)
You will be paid the highest commissions in the industry and will have no production requirements with Health and Life Group. We offer Advanced Commission contracts with many insurance companies.

Direct Contracts
Your contracts are direct with each insurance company and are 100% vested from the first policy written. You are not captive. You’ll have access to all the quality health products in your area, with no production requirements.

You are an independent contractor. You own all rights to your clients, commissions and renewals. You do not assign your commissions to Health and Life Group.

Marketing Support (Lead Credits and FREE Website)
We provide a complete online selling system, a FREE agent website, and “Lead Credits” for issued polices (certain carriers). We offer daily training Webinars on product knowledge, prospecting, pre-qualifying, presenting, closing, using technology, and much more. You will be provided your own internal HCO account manager to assist you with product questions, field underwriting, case prep, sales calls, etc.

Underwriting Support
We have an Underwriting Service Program to guide your policies through underwriting so you can focus on selling. For many of our companies, dedicated underwriters will handle your business.

Competitive Intelligence
You will stay one step ahead of the competition with our exclusive “Premium Surveys”. We compare all of the best carriers and rank them from least expensive to most expensive. Never be undersold again.

Knowledge Network
Our “Knowledge Network” will keep you up to date via email on important industry updates and trends. (New Products, Sales Materials, Quoting Software Updates, Pricing Changes, Benefit Enhancements, etc...).

Incentives and Rewards
Our insurance carriers offer bonuses, lead programs, and other incentives.

One Stop Shop
You’ll have the full gamut of products in your quiver:

We offer Referral "split" commission opportunities for any products you do not want to sell yourself.

Visit our Careers section for more information.

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